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Church Diagnostic:

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Do I depend on my personal observations in order to gather information about what's occurring around the church?
Do I rely more on my intuition and hunches in order to form impressions about what’s going on around the church?
In church presentations do I prefer simple ways of speaking and writing—the more specific and down-to-earth the better?
In church presentations do I like people to use images and concepts to engage my imagination?
Am I an observer of tradition in the church, one who does not easily break with custom?
Do I break with tradition whenever it seems restrictive for the church and lay aside customs that seem too cumbersome for a new situation?
In church meetings, does the here and now hold my attention?
In church meetings, am I interested in what could be so that future possibilities occupy my thoughts?
In church meetings, do I usually “see the trees before the forest”? (i.e., details before the big picture)
In church meetings, do I often “see the forest before I see the trees”? (i.e., big picture before the details)
Am I a practical sort of person with a common sense approach to ministry?
Am I more original and inventive with a creative approach to ministry?
If someone hangs a new picture or puts a new plant on a table in the church building, will I usually notice it?
Am I often more unobservant of things in the buildings and objects placed on the grounds of the church?
Am I a steady, dependable kind of person who can be counted on to be consistent in my work in the church?
Do I tend to work by inspiration regarding my work in the church  and find that when my understanding of the purpose for a task  fades, so does my interest?
Do I generally make my decisions about church matters on the basis of an objective analysis of the issues—weighing the pros and cons of the situation?
Regardless of a pros and cons analysis, do I base my conclusions on what is important and valuable to me and the people of the church?
Can I usually continue on with my work and ministry in the church, regardless of relational harmony?
Do I find that harmonious relationships are essential in order for me to function effectively in church situations?
In my church activities, does offering analytical perspectives come more naturally for me than speaking a word of approval?
In my church activities, am I more apt to offer an approving word than an analytical perspective?
When forced to choose in my church interactions, do I place straightforwardness above tactfulness?
In my church interactions do I normally place tactfulness ahead of straightforwardness?
Do I find that my contribution to the church’s ministry often lies in my ability to help people see things impartially?
Do I find my contribution to the church usually flows from my ability to empathize and to help others stay mindful of what’s best for people?
In conversations at church, am I more concise and to the point than expressive and expansive?
In conversations at church, am I more expressive and expansive than concise and to the point?
Regarding church matters, do I believe I am more likely to make the right decision if I go with my rational head rather than my empathetic heart?
Regarding church matters, do I believe I am more likely to make the right decision if I go with my empathetic heart rather than my rational head?
Am I more task-oriented in my involvement at church, with a greater interest in the job being accomplished?
Am I more personal in my involvement at church, with greater interest in people being served?
At church do I prefer to plan my work and then work my plan?
At church do I tend to be more relaxed in developing and accomplishing plans?
Does my service offered to the church usually come from being systematic, orderly, proactive and decisive?
Do I more often exhibit spontaneity, open mindedness, tolerance and adaptability in my service to the church?
Do I like to bring my church programs and projects to completion and finish one task before starting another?
Do I like the feeling of getting new things started at church and having many projects going at the same time?
In my work at church do I like to get the information I need quickly for decision-making and bring things to a conclusion in a rapid manner?
In my work at church is it a higher priority for me to wait to be sure I’ve gathered sufficient information to make the best decision possible?
Do I like to set standard operating procedures and routines for accomplishing my tasks at church?
Do I prefer to try out new and fresh ways of doing recurring tasks at church so things don't get into a rut?
Would the phrase "a place for everything and everything in its place" be descriptive of my approach to church ministry?
Do I prefer to leave my schedule open so I can respond to new opportunities and changing events at church?
Is it unsettling for me to keep church matters up in the air and undecided?
Do I prefer to keep options open at church so we don't rush into a decision and miss what’s best?
In my church work do I consider it preferable to be too task-oriented than be too casual?
In my church work do I consider it preferable to be too casual than to be too task-oriented?

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